Posiadamy pistolety kapiszonow, rewolwery systemu Colt oraz klasyczne strzelby.

Broń czarnoprochowa

Amunition cal .22LR has little kick back, so it is more suitable for youngsters. The look and fill of current .22 weapons gives our young shooters fun and pleasure, while competing with their parents.

Youngster weapons .22LR


Pump-action shotguns (by Mossberg and Uzkon) are popular, as you can find them in every action movie. You can train or have fun shooting one of them at our range.

Posiadamy karabiny snajperskie najlepszych producentów, z których strzelają nasze i zagraniczne jednostki specjalne (Grom i Formoza).

Wszystkie karabiny snajperskie maja zainstalowane lunety celownicze topowych marek:  Bushnel, Vortex, Walther, UTG, Nikon.

Karabiny wyborowe

Revolvers cal. .357: HW-357 - 4" oraz HW-357 - 6" Target Trophy Combat .


Pistols 9mm: Wilson Combat AR9, Kimber 1911, Glock 17, Glock 19, CZ Shadow, XDM 5.25, MP5K, Glock conversion kit.


Assault rifles (Stoner system) M16 and M4 with installed collimators, scopes or other tactical gear (STAG, Mossberg, MMR etc.).

Our weapons vault stores hardware produced by many well known producers. You can find below brands and models available at our shooting range (pictures are just for information purposes and do not represent the exact same models we use).

Assault rifles

Our weapons

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Shooting range

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